Popular Topics

Some of the most recent-popular presentation Titles and Topics conducted by Charles E. (Chuck) Wilson, Managing Principal at state/national association conferences, conventions, seminars and/or on-site with a client organization.


Executives, Senior Officers and Directors
  • If You Don't Know Where You Are Going......Any Road You Take Will Get You There!
    (Enhancing Management and/or Director Effectiveness)

  • Even If You Are On The Right Tracks If You Sit Still, The Train will Run Over You
    (The Competitive "Cultural" Advantage)

  • Put Me In Coach, I'M Ready To Play Today!
    (RIGHT Employees Our Most Valuable Asset)

  • The Future Ain't What It Use To Be
    (The New Norms & Musts in Community Banking)

  • Lot of Folks Talking....Few Folks Walking!!!!!!
    (The Critical P's of On-going Success & Effectiveness)

  • If You Are In A Hole.......Stop Diggin! OR If Your Horse Dies... You Need To Dismount!!!!!
    (Keys to Effective LEADERSHIP)


Sales & Service and/or Branch Managers
  • It's Hard To Buy A Blizzard At A Dairy Queen....Sometimes!!!
    (All banks provide Customer Service, Only 8-12% provide________)

  • Being A Peacock Among Penguins
    (Providing A Positive "Differentiating Experience")

  • Have A Nice Day Does NOT Mean Thank You!!
    (Words-Phrases Confuse and give mixed messages to Consumers)

Note: Any of the Titles-Topics listed above under Audience I can be adapted for Audience II.


All Employee type meetings-celebrations
  • Being A Peacock Among Penguins
    (Providing A Positive "Differentiating Experience")

  • Put Me In Me In Coach, I'm Ready To Play....Today
    (Effective Teamwork is not an accident)

  • Can I "Hep" You?????
    (Words-Phrases often confuse the customers)