Services Overview

Below is an Overview of the areas of the practice of Charles E. (Chuck) Wilson, Managing Principal for your reference when your organization is looking for a Quality-Proven Track Record Resource to provide Assistance.

Strategic Planning Facilitation with:

a) Board of Directors and/or b) Senior Officers/ Management Team

Three (3) Phase Approach to Formalize Strategic Planning Process

  1. Phase I Thorough Preparation
  2. Phase II Strategic Initiatives (Direction) and Strategies (WHAT the Organization INTENDS To Do) Development
  3. Phase III Business Plan(s) of Action(s) and Budgeting Process

Board of Directors Effectiveness Issues

  • Board Succession
  • Management Succession
  • Structure (Meetings, Committees, etc)
  • Board Effectiveness Evaluation/Assessment Process
  • Performance Management Process
  • Business Development/Advisory Boards

Organizational Effectiveness Issues

  • Structure
  • Executive/Senior Officers and/or Management-Leadership Team
  • Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring and Retaining the RIGHT Employees
  • Training and Development of Employees

Culture (Providing a Clearly Positive DIFFERENTIATING Consumer Experience)

  • Creating the COMPETITIVE Advantage
  • Consultative Selling/Sales (by ALL Employees) Processes and Practices
  • Quality Customer Service vs. Customer Service
  • Managing Relationships Customers (MRC)
  • Identifying, Retaining and Expanding Relationships with Best/Most Valued Customers

Enhancing Marketing Effectiveness

  • Plan Development
  • Market Intelligence
  • Segmentation
  • Campaigns for a) Retaining & Expanding with existing Customers and b) Focused Approach for Attracting New Customers

Improving Performance, Productivity, Profitability

  • Specific Business Line (Commercial, Consumer/Retail, Mortgage, Financial Services) Issues
  • Best Practices of High Performance Banks

Speaking-Education-Seminars Training Services

  • Providing on-site Education & Information relating to the areas shown above for
  • a) Management-Leadership Team, b) Boards of Directors c) Employees at all levels
  • State and National Banking Associations Conferences, Conventions, Seminars

Please contact Charles E. (Chuck) Wilson by telephone or e-mail to discuss your Interest/Needs.