Practice Overview

Below is an Overview of the areas of the practice of Charles E. (Chuck) Wilson, Managing Principal for your reference when your organization is looking for a Quality-Proven Track Record Resource to provide Assistance.

Strategic Planning Facilitation with:

a) Board of Directors and/or b) Senior Officers/ Management Team
  • Three (3) Phase Approach to Formalize Strategic Planning Process
    1. Phase I: Thorough Preparation
    2. Phase II:Strategic Initiatives (Direction) and Strategies (WHAT the Organization INTENDS To Do) Development
    3. Phase III: Business Plan(s) of Action(s) and Budgeting Process

Board of Directors Effectiveness Issues

  • Board Succession
  • Management Succession
  • Structure (Meetings, Committees, etc)
  • Board Effectiveness Evaluation/Assessment Process
  • Performance Management Process
  • Business Development/Advisory Boards

Organizational Effectiveness Issues

  • Structure
  • Executive/Senior Officers and/or Management-Leadership Team
  • Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring and Retaining the RIGHT Employees
  • Training and Development of Employees

Culture (Providing a Clearly Positive DIFFERENTIATING Consumer Experience)

  • Creating the COMPETITIVE Advantage
  • Consultative Selling/Sales (by ALL Employees) Processes and Practices
  • Quality Customer Service vs. Customer Service
  • Managing Relationships Customers (MRC)
  • Identifying, Retaining and Expanding Relationships with Best/Most Valued Customers

Enhancing Marketing Effectiveness

  • Plan Development
  • Market Intelligence
  • Segmentation
  • Campaigns for a) Retaining & Expanding with existing Customers and b) Focused Approach for Attracting New Customers

Improving Performance, Productivity, Profitability

  • Specific Business Line (Commercial, Consumer/Retail, Mortgage, Financial Services) Issues
  • Best Practices of High Performance Banks

Speaking-Education-Seminars-Training Services

  • Providing on
  • site Education & Information relating to the areas shown above for:

  • a)Management-Leadership Team
    b)Boards of Directors
    c)Employees at all levels
  • State and National Banking Associations Conferences, Conventions, Seminars

Please contact Charles E. (Chuck) Wilson by telephone or e-mail to discuss your Interest/Needs.