Planning Process

A BEST Proven-Practice

On going four (4) phase Process that typically begins annually in August with approval by the Board of Directors in November or December with an All Employee launch in January.

PHASE I: Thorough PREPARATION (August)

Gathering, Compiling, Analyzing, Understanding, Discussing, Agreeing

  • Market Demographics
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Base Demographics
  • Internal S W O T Analysis
  • Critical Issues To Success

PHASE II: Strategic Direction (September)

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Mission
  • Goals (Expected Measurable RESULTS)
  • Objectives (WHY the Goals Must be Achieved)

PHASE III: Strategies (September/October)

Statements of WHAT the organization INTENDS to do to address:

  • Each Critical Issue
  • S W O T

PHASE IV: Annual Business Plan(s) of Action(s) AND Budget (October/November/December)

Each Strategy will be addressed by Plan(s) of Action(s) which are like Mini Project Plans providing Detail Steps of:

  • HOW
  • Who
  • When (Begin, End and/or On-going)